Athlete Development - Running Specific - Speed, Agility, Running Technique and Fitness - Term 1 - 2017

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Health and Fitness

Training Dates

From 22-Jan-2018 to 30-Mar-2018

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Once a time slot is full you will be asked to make another choice.

Time Mon
4:30 - 5:30 pm
Speed - Agility - Fitness Session
Victoria Park - Huish Drive - Rockhampton

This is a running specific program. We aim to increase your knowledge of technique and how this applies to going faster. We expect your commitment and your dedication to success. You will get homework to do as part of the program. Not much, but a little bit regularly! We look forward to helping you run faster!


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Payment Method

There are no refunds for any enrolments into Vector Health related programs. When you sign/tick confirmation for this enrolment you are acknowledging that you know this as a fact and have accepted it as a condition.
$150.00 1 Session per week focused on technique, speed, agility and fitness specific to sport
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